I had plantar fasciitis for almost 2 years and only received some relief with steroid injections. I went to The Source and received shockwave therapy and don’t suffer with pain anymore. I would highly recommend seeing the doctor and asking for Acousana Therapy!

– Mercedes L.

I have been a client of Dr. Tate for 4 years. He has treated my back, hip, knee and hand issues with skill and care. My most recent treatment involved Acousana Therapy for severe shoulder/bicep pain and mobility issues to that area. After 7 Acousana Therapy sessions over a course of about 7 weeks, I experienced great relief. There was a marked improvement after 2 sessions. Dr, Tate used multiple techniques before suggesting Acousana. I was not experiencing adequate relief for this particular issue with the usual techniques.

I would highly recommend Dr.Tate. He uses a variety of methods, not just chiropractic adjustments. He is knowledgeable in dietary supplements and physical therapy techniques to name a few. Give him a try.

– Sherry N.

Dr. Tate is an interesting story and amazingly competent chiropractor. After calling on Docs for many years, he decided to go back to chiropractic school – primarily because he saw how the outcomes could be improved for those with pain and chronic conditions.

His Acousana machine is like no other. It’s new technology increases blood flow and circulation, as well as reduces pain and inflammation. This technology deserves all our attention. Not sure how it works, but wow! Evidently it promotes long term healing – time will tell.

– Frank S.

Dr. Tate is an amazing Chiropractor. He takes time with his patients and has an in-house Massage therapist who is fantastic. I’m so glad to have found him. He has also helped my 17 year old Katy football player recover from injuries. He’s has a great rapport with kids. He knows a lot of therapies other guys don’t. I think he is also doing some kind of Stem cell therapies.

– M H.

Dr. Tate is a great Doctor and a great man. I started going to to his office due to nerve pain I had in my Arm/Neck that was taking over my life. I have been going to see him for a few months now on regular visits I am now pain free for over a month now! Before finding Dr.Tate I worried about having to deal with this pain for my whole life and it was getting me very down. He has helped Heal me mentally and physically! I will always recommend Dr.Tate to anyone who requires a good Chiropractor.

– Mark M.

Cannot recommend Dr. Tate enough. Very helpful and intuitive, the best chiropractor by far that I’ve dealt with. Will go above the standard procedure to help relieve and recover from persistent pain.
If your looking for a chiropractor that really cares about his clients and enjoys what he does, look no further.

– Justin M.

I’ve seen many many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Tate is by far one of the best. He treats me and my symptoms and goes above and beyond when I need a little extra treatment. This is more than a run of the mill chiropractor. My body feels better and better each time I go in to see him. James

– Milkey G.

I can’t express my gratitude enough, Dr. Ken Tate has helped me out with stretching, sore lower back, posture, and tense muscles. He has helped my mobility. He is honest, fair and reasonable. Worth the drive to Katy. He should have his own channel popping backs.

– Paul R.

Dr Tate is the best! He took a lot of time to listen so he had a complete understanding of where my pain originated. He has a full arsenal of treatment options, this was important to me as I was not comfortable with my neck/upper back being cracked on my first couple of visits due to my level of discomfort. He’s been helping me for about 8 months and I will continue to see him regularly to ensure I don’t get all twisted up again 🙂 Dr Tate is compassionate, knowledgeable and I recommend him every chance I get.

– Deann S.

My wife and I went there, primarily for her, as she was having neck pain and occasional headaches. During the first visit, Dr. Tate was very thorough in explaining what he was doing and the purpose of each test and adjustment. This really made my wife feel comfortable and put her at ease, since this was her first experience with a Chiropractor.
After her first visit, she was already feeling much better and had more mobility without pain. I am seeing him as well and I immediately noticed a greater feeling of well being and less fatigue during the day as well as an increase in my flexibility.
We will definitely keep going, not just for his great work, but we really enjoy his company and talking with him. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and general health and welfare. He is good at what he does and is a genuinely nice person that cares for his patients.
His adjustment program he tailored for me has reduced my occasional knee pain and I sleep better.
I highly recommend him to anyone that is feeling stiffness, headaches, or joint issues.

– John B.

Dr. Tate is absolutely wonderful! I work in an office where I sit over a desk most on my day and it kills my neck and shoulders. Dr. Tate doesn’t just realign my neck and spine but he works with the muscles to give me lasting relief. He is incredibly friendly and knowable and goes over the treatments to make sure that his patient is comfortable and he has very convenient hours.

– Andi B.

I have spent a lot of years going to chiropractors and I can honestly say Dr. Tate is hands down the best one! He does more than just align my spine. He works on my muscles and my diet and keeps me on track. He truly cares about the needs of his patients. I highly recommend him to everyone!

– Dawn S.

Dr. Tate is highly knowledgeable and very personable. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend his establishment for all chiropractic needs.

– Jennifer N.

I had been experiencing neck and back pain, so I decided to get it checked out. This was my first time visiting a chiropractor and I have definitely felt the difference on my neck and back. Dr. Tate is a very knowledgeable person and tailors his care to his patient’s specific needs. He explains every movement he’s performing as he’s adjusting your body. I highly recommend him!

– Nataly C.

Dr. Tate is the best around! Especially for me since I sleep awkwardly and my neck get out of joint. He makes me feel great and not aching! He also is very kind and accommodating! Would absolutely recommend him!!!!

– Gigi H.